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Company Name Ratio Record Date Ex Date
Shree Ganesh Rem 1:5 02-Nov-2021 01-Nov-2021
Godawari Power 1:1 27-Oct-2021 26-Oct-2021
Crown Lifters 4:1 20-Oct-2021 18-Oct-2021
KKV Agro Powers 1:4 18-Oct-2021 14-Oct-2021
Lancer Containe. 2:1 14-Oct-2021 13-Oct-2021
SRF 4:1 14-Oct-2021 13-Oct-2021
Advitiya Trade 44:100 14-Oct-2021 13-Oct-2021
Thejo Engg. 2:1 13-Oct-2021 12-Oct-2021
Gensol Engineer. 1:3 12-Oct-2021 11-Oct-2021
Tirupati Forge 3:4 09-Oct-2021 07-Oct-2021
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